How to apply

Is the project eligible?

Before submitting an application, please check the types of projects that are eligible for funding, as well as ensuring that your project falls inside an eligible area.

Once you have done this, contact the Cheshire LEADER Team who will advise you on which of your project costs are eligible – you may also wish the consult the LEADER Applicant Handbook on this matter, which you can find below.

Please note that funds are now incredibly limited in both Cheshire LEADER areas and although we do not wish to discourage new Expressions of Interest, we would strongly recommend contacting the LEADER team in the first instance to discuss the likelihood that we will have sufficient capacity for your grant request.

You will then need to complete the Expression of Interest Form and send it to the Cheshire LEADER Team as instructed in the Handbook – both the form itself and a guidance document to help you complete it correctly can be found below.

Please note, we are not currently imposing any deadlines for Expressions of Interest.

If you are successful at the Expression of Interest stage, you will be invited to complete a Full Application form which will be sent to you along with the appropriate guidance.

Please note that applying for a LEADER grant does not guarantee that you will be successful in receiving funding.

Useful Documents

LEADER Fact Sheet (PDF, 5MB)factsheetthumb2

The Cheshire LEADER team produced this fact sheet for those who need a concise introduction to the programme. The second page also now contains a brief guide to the amount of funding available per LEADER priority and the number of jobs that your project will need to create.

LEADER Applicant Handbook (PDF, 507KB)handbookthumb

This document, produced by the Rural Payments Agency with some customisation from the Cheshire LEADER team, serves as an extensive guide to the LEADER programme for all potential applicants.

Expression of Interest Form (XLS, 396KB)oathumb

This is the first form you will need to fill in if you wish to apply for funding through LEADER. However, we ask that all applicants please speak to a member of the Cheshire LEADER team to ensure that their project is eligible before completing this form. This form will be updated occasionally, so please ensure you are using the latest form when submitting an application. Please note that this form will need to be completed and returned to us electronically – we cannot accept hard copies. If you do not have access to Microsoft Excel, please contact the LEADER team to discuss potential alternative solutions.

Please note that this form replaces the previous ‘Outline Application Form’ – if you have any questions regarding the transition to the new form, please contact us.

Expression of Interest Guidance (PDF, 296KB)oaguidancethumb

The Rural Payments Agency produced this document to provide guidance for those completing the Expression of Interest form – please use it to help ensure your form is completed correctly before sending it to the Cheshire LEADER team.

Outputs Guidance (PDF, 269KB)outputs thumb.png

This document serves as a guide to the project outputs we will expect you to record and report on as a result of any funding received via the LEADER programme.

Local Development Strategy – West Cheshire & Warrington (PDF, 936KB)

The document produced by Cheshire West and Chester Council as part of their bid to receive LEADER funding. Please note that the amount of funding available and the resulting project outputs have changed since this document was produced.

Local Development Strategy – Cheshire East (PDF, 1.8MB)

The document produced by Cheshire East Council as part of their bid to receive LEADER funding. Please note that the amount of funding available and the resulting project outputs have changed since this document was produced.

Cheshire East Visitor Economy Strategy (PDF, 4MB)

This document may be of use to any potential LEADER applicants whose projects fit into the Tourism, Culture & Heritage theme and will take place within Cheshire East.